The Jeep® Brand with Wanderlust 108 in city parks across Europe

11 September 2019

  • The Mindful Triathlon is back featuring an host of fitness and wellness events.
  • From 21 September to 6 October, the Jeep® brand will be partner of Wanderlust in seven events taking place in the the parks of major European cities – Paris, Florence, Milan, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid and Rome.
  • The Jeep Lounge will be set up at each event to sample the new discipline of Surfset Yoga and test-drive the entire Jeep line-up.
  • The Jeep brand is a women’s favorite. Over 20 percent of all Jeep customers are women who identify with the values of the American brand.
  • Full program is available on and Jeep social channels.

The Jeep® brand is introducing a new partnership with Wanderlust 108, the Mindful Triathlon dedicated to the world of fitness and wellness.

From September 21 to October 6, Jeep SUVs will be the stars of seven events involving the public in the parks of seven major cities in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The first event will be on September 21 in Paris (Parc de Saint-Cloud), followed by additional four stages in the same month – in Florence (Parco delle Cascine) on the 22nd and in Milan (Parco City Life), Lisbon (Jardins da Fundação EDP) and Barcelona (CEM Mar Bella) on the 29th  – before heading to Madrid (Hipódromo de la Zarzuela) on October 5th ahead of the grand finale on October 6th in Rome (Parco Centrale del Laghetto dell’Eur).

The Wanderlust platform – a world leader in lifestyle yoga – originated in the United States and for over ten years has been taking the Mindful Triathlon to some of the most important parks worldwide with the aim of helping individuals on their way to personal wellbeing whilst remaining in touch with their surroundings, building a community around practices such as yoga and meditation to achieve mindfulness. There is a particular focus on women, who are most likely to seek harmony in the frenetic rhythms of everyday life and the most inclined to live passions and experiences with a strong emotional impact.

The Jeep brand shares the values of authenticity, passion, desire for freedom and adventure with Wanderlust, but also the affinity for the outdoors, the drive to overcome all obstacles and challenges and the sense of being part of a big family. Getting behind the wheel of a Jeep SUV means enjoying the confidence of being able to take on daily routines with peace of mind, savouring an idea of freedom that may be less extreme on city streets but is just as engaging thanks to the confidence of being able to tackle unexplored trails with the aid of legendary 4×4 capabilities, technological content and equipment for comfort and advanced safety.
Features like these make Jeep a brand highly appreciated by women with a growing customer base that now exceeds 20 percent of all buyers. It is a further demonstration of how the values of the brand are able to gain the favour of women drivers who see their Jeep SUV as an extension of their personality and uniqueness, a vehicle with which to identify and be able to successfully take on the multitude of daily engagements.


The program of each event will offer participants a day of sports and entertainment, a 5-kilometre race, yoga and meditation, as well as lectures, workshops with experts in various disciplines and experiential wellbeing activities, such as aerial yoga, acro-yoga and hooping. A Jeep Lounge will be set up in each of the locations, where guests will be invited to take part to a free lesson of the new discipline in fitness called Surfset Yoga, inspired by surfing, one of the most popular board sports in the world with which Jeep has shared values, mindsets and intents. The Jeep Lounge will also host a special Chillout area for workshops and simply relaxing. The Jeep Lounge will also be the starting point for test drives of the entire Jeep SUV line-up, that includes five models – Jeep Renegade, Jeep Compass, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Grand Cherokee – all recently renewed with cutting-edge technical and technological features.

The stars of the Jeep test drives and activities will be Renegade and Compass, the Jeep models most favoured by women. The first is also the best-selling Jeep model in Europe. After being completely refreshed at the end of 2018, it continues to surprise the public with two recent innovations of clear metropolitan inspiration, namely the debut of the 1.3-litre Turbo T4 engine capable of delivering 180hp, paired with the nine-speed automatic transmission and the new special S series, which enhances the elegant and sporty appeal of the Renegade, ready for day-to-day use. The spotlight will also be on the Jeep Compass, which combines legendary off-road capabilities, excellent driving dynamics and comprehensive technological equipment with advanced infotainment systems and the new E6D-Temp approved diesel and gasoline engines available on all versions.

Full program of Wanderlust 108 is available at the link and on the following Jeep social channels:

Turin, 11 September 2019