A hybrid between style and efficiency


A hybrid between style and efficiency

The new e-Hybrid era

Jeep®’s new e-Hybrid technology is based on the combined work of two engines – the petrol-powered 1.5 T4 Turbo powertrain, delivering 130 HP through the front axle, and an electric motor integrated in the new 7-speed DCT transmission providing 48V to boost performance up to 15 kW (20 HP)* in various phases of the driving experience. The e-Hybrid system can guarantee a pure electric driving experience: it allows to drive in full electric mode with the internal combustion engine completely switched off when in low speed.

*Operation is subject to battery charge.

New DCT 7-speed gear

The performance of Jeep®’s e-Hybrid powertrain is streamlined with the new dual-clutch 7-speed transmission. Shorter gear ratios and comfort driving are insured, also thanks to the seventh rest gear that allows more efficient driving both in the city and on the highway.


Jeep® e-Hybrid technology features new EV systems that elevate the driving experience.



The vehicle can move slowly in pure electric even with the internal combustion engine switched off, by releasing the brake pedal and letting the electric motor kick in.


Thanks to new e-Hybrid technology, the starting the vehicle is smooth, silent, and in pure electric mode.


Thanks to the low speed driving in pure electric, the e-Hybrid technology allows you to move smoothly and quietly even when starting and stopping between traffic.


Thanks to this technology, parking manoeuvres can be carried out in pure electric mode.


The new Jeep® Compass e-Hybrid features a wide range of active and passive safety systems, engineered to support you throughout the driving experience.


Jeep® Compass makes its standout debut in the world of hybrid mobility. The unmistakable design and striking lines give way to new design features like the updated front grille, front bumper and full LED headlights.


The cabin of the new Jeep® Compass e-Hybrid stands out for its space, comfort, and style. The central console is engineered to provide extra room and comfort. The dashboard hosts the large display of the infotainment system and the cutting-edge digital cluster. The premium fabric, “soft-touch” materials, and visible stitching complement the cabin’s styling.