22 January 2020

London, 21 January 2020 – Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank and a company providing a full range of leading-edge mobility services, presented its vision for the future of the leasing market at an event at the National Gallery. The ‘Redesign Mobility’ event by Leasys took place in connection with the exhibition ‘Leonardo: Experience a Masterpiece’, which celebrates the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

Operational in the UK since 2017, Leasys stood out from the start thanks to its numerous pioneering solutions capable of meeting constantly changing customer requirements. Its innovative approach, embracing the sharing economy and digital trends, has delivered significant growth. In 2019 Leasys customer base grew by 30%, the retailer network engagement increased by 15% and broker engagement went up by 50%. Leasys climbed quickly through the ranks of the top 50 UK car rental and leasing companies, reaching the top 20 with a fleet of more than 15,000 vehicles to date.

“As a leader, Leasys aims to redefine the mobility of the future” said Giacomo Carelli, CEO and general manager of FCA Bank. “After we earned our stripes as the fastest-growing long-term and short-term rental operator in Italy, the objective was to gain a stronger foothold in the UK market, with our leading-edge mobility solutions and exclusive services designed to fulfil corporate and private mobility requirements”.

Sebastiano Fedrigo, country manager of Leasys UK, commented: “2020 will be driven by further digital innovation. After the introduction of subscription rental products, we will expand the Leasys app to incorporate new functionalities. On the car sharing side, we will introduce new platforms such as U-Go and I-Link, while we will meet the electrification and sustainability challenges with innovative products like Leasys Miles, which will use a revolutionary pay-per-use formula, which could transform the way we look at car ownership.”

The ‘Redesign Mobility’ event also showcased the Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept and saw Klaus Busse, vice president of design FCA EMEA region, draw a parallel between the genius of Leonardo and the Italian design of Alfa. Both key protagonists in Italian history and design, Alfa Romeo and da Vinci combine art and ingenuity, with technology and research to create innovative mobility solutions.

About Leasys

Leasys is already market leader in Italy and is among the top 10 mobility providers in Spain and France. It is active in eight European countries and expects to be operational in a further five by 2021, with an expected fleet of 450,000 vehicles. In 2019, under the leadership of Alberto Grippo, CEO of Leasys, the company expanded its presence in Italy through the development of a network of 300 Leasys Mobility Stores. From these shops customers can access a range of innovative mobility services such as short to long-term car rental, car subscription, car sharing and all the financing and insurance services provided by FCA Bank. By 2021 Leasys aims to export this model to five other European countries, increasing the number of stores to 1,200 across Europe.

Embracing the subscription economy trend, last year Leasys launched the first car subscription service, Leasys CarCloud, in the Italian market. This unique offering for the mobility sector, takes into account the need to drive different cars depending on the customer’s varying requirements. For a fixed monthly fee customers can use different cars in all the main Italian cities, with no time restrictions and customers can cancel, pause or restart at any time.

About FCA Bank

FCA Bank is a highly digitalised universal bank, a standard setter in European automotive finance. Established as an equally-held joint venture between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Crédit Agricole, it specialises in lending, leasing, factoring, insurance and, through its Leasys subsidiary, is the leader in car rental and new mobility services.

In the past five years FCA Bank doubled its financing portfolio, reaching €27.7 billion in the first half of 2019, covering 18 markets and managing 18 brands. All its services can be easily accessed through advanced digital platforms. Its car finance business unfolds along three business lines: dealer financing, retail financing – including loans, leasing and insurance services – as well as short to long-term car rental and mobility services.


Notes to Editors:


Leasys SpA is a company founded in September 2001, wholly owned by FCA Bank Group, an equally held joint venture of FCA Italy SpA, and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance. Leasys offers to private individuals, professionals and companies of all sizes, a complete and innovative range of mobility services, from long-term to short-term rental to peer-to-peer car-sharing through its U Go and I-Link platforms. At the end of 2019, it launched the first car subscription service in Italy with Leasys CarCloud. With the Clickar brand, it is also among the main Italian companies in online and offline used corporate car sales.

Headquartered in Italy, in 2017 Leasys started an internationalization process by opening different offices in Europe. It operates in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Poland, managing more than 70,000 customers with a fleet of approximately 280,000 vehicles. In June 2019 Leasys inaugurated its Leasys Mobility Stores, which are distributed extensively throughout Italy. The stores, where clients can access all mobility services, will soon be available also in the other European countries in which Leasys is operational.

For more informationwww.leasys.com

FCA Bank

FCA Bank S.p.A. engages mainly in car finance with the aim to meet all mobility requirements. It is an equally-held joint venture between FCA Italy S.p.A., a company of the global automotive company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, a leading consumer credit company of the Crédit Agricole group. FCA Bank S.p.A. provides financing products to drive the sales of prestigious car brands in Italy and in Europe. The loan, lease, rental and mobility financing programs provided by FCA Bank S.p.A. are specifically designed for sale networks, private customers and corporate fleets. FCA Bank S.p.A. has operations in 17 European countries and in Morocco. At 30 June 2019 FCA Bank had a credit portfolio of approximately €27.7 billion.

For moreinformation: www.fcabankgroup.com

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