17 October 2020

  • The Jeep® brand’s new plug-in hybrid electric technology stars in an exciting video with the players from Juventus
  • The full video can be viewed here

A new video showcasing comparisons between the iconic SUV brand and formidable Juventus team was revealed during the weekend’s latest fixture between the Bianconeri and Crotone. It saw the Jeep 4xe logo feature prominently on the Black & Whites’ jersey and highlights the plug-in hybrid technology’s synthesis of off-road capability and green efficiencies. The video can be viewed here.

Two months ago, Jeep and Juventus celebrated their ninth Italian title running: a feat that was highlighted through “Champions in Charge”, which worked to evoke leadership and demonstrate the new plug-in hybrid electric technology of the Renegade and Compass 4xe. The winning combination of Juventus and Jeep – which began in 2012 – continues to follow shared goals of pushing boundaries and exploring new routes. Now is the time to face the new sports season and the new challenges of mobility.

4xe:Electrifying performance, on all terrains
Electrification is a fundamental aspect of the developmental journey at Jeep and represents a commitment to becoming the leader in technologies for increasingly sustainable mobility, while maintaining the brand’s historic values of adventure, authenticity, freedom and passion. With their plug-in hybrid electric technology, the Jeep 4xe models boast the best performance and driving fun of any Jeep SUV ever. They are literally capable of “going anywhere and doing anything,” to quote the brand’s well-known claim. At the same time, they are ideal cars for everyday driving in the city, including in full-electric mode.

The jersey with the 4xe logo will also accompany the Bianconeri in one of the upcoming international competitions scheduled at the end of October.

4xe: off-road capability and green evolution
A new video also sees parallels drawn between the performance of Jeep 4xe SUVs and the players’ skills, as well as the distinctive values shared by the team and the brand. Questions asked to Bentancur, Kulusevski, Bonucci, McKennie and Ronaldo have emphasised the iconic nature of the Juventus shirt, just like the Jeep seven-slot grille. And who better than CR7 for an opinion on this iconic number? No less fascinating are the references to performance: shots by Ronaldo himself, reaching top speeds of over 21mph, are as exciting as the performance of the new Jeep 4xe SUVs, with their range capability in full-electric mode equivalent to the distance covered by a midfielder in four matches.


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