See with your eyes the outstanding performance of the new Jeep® Grand Cherokee SRT®. Thanks to Uconnect™ 8.4 NAV you will be able to
always keep under control real-time performance statistics and the G-Force effect of the vehicle. Learn how technology is used according to power.

Instant G-force Feedback
In addition to information like navigation and fuel economy, the seven-inch instrument cluster also provides SRT®-specific communications to enhance driving performance. G-force effects are instantly available as are performance measurements like 0-60 and quarter-mile times.

New valet mode
For added safety and security, the 2017 Grand Cherokee SRT ® receives a new Valet mode that enables a number of new vehicle configurations. The engine is remapped to significantly reduce horsepower and torque, limited to 4,000 rpm. The transmission locks out access to first gear and upshifts earlier than normal and will treat the manual shifter position the same as the drive position. Traction, steering and suspension are set to their Street settings. The steering wheel paddle shifters, drive mode functions and launch control are disabled and Electronic Stability Control+ is enabled to full-on mode. The driver can activate and deactivate Valet mode with a personalized four-digit PIN code.

Real-time access to performance data
Telemetry and real-time data aren’t reserved for the racetrack or dyno room anymore. Performance Pages Plus+ are displayed on the Uconnect® 8.4’s 8.4-inch touchscreen and provide performance statistics like dynamic handling, braking, engine horsepower, engine torque and acceleration. Performance Pages Plus+ will also track what’s happening under the hood with digital gauges that relay battery voltage, oil pressure, coolant and intake air temperature.