The new Jeep® Grand Cherokee SRT® is able to overcome even the most impossible challenges. Customize your driving experience, making it
unique. Feel the power of the 6.4L HEMI® V8 engine, hit the launch control and be pinned to your seat.

475 Horses Ready and Waiting
The 6.4L HEMI® V8 engine delivers a massive 475 horsepower through an efficient eight-speed automatic transmission. Use the fully electronic automatic shift mode or climb up and down the gears with steering-wheel paddle controls. A new leather-trimmed polystable lever-style electronic shifter is new for 2016. Eco Mode and Fuel Saver Technology complete the equation for both power and efficiency.

Fastest SUV in its class+
Get ready to be pinned to your seat. The Launch Control button activates a system that will optimize every possible setting for maximum acceleration off the line. Hit the button, hold down the brake, straighten the steering wheel and apply full throttle. When you lift off the brake, your vehicle accelerates as hard as possible off the line with maximum torque and minimal tire spin.

Selec-Track® features a new modified switch for 2017. The system provides the driver the ability to precisely adjust driving settings to maximize performance. Suspension, torque distribution, shift schedule, stability control and engine mapping are all controlled through the simple interface. A sophisticated Active Damping System opens and closes the suspension’s damper valves according to which of the five settings is chosen. Selec-Track helps the Grand Cherokee SRT® be both a comfortable daily driver and a quarter-mile sprinter, all in one impressive package.